The Typical Colic Pain Phases.
Which Phase Is Your baby In?

What Went Wrong?

The biggest problem of all is that gas and wind get trapped in the immature digestive tract and instead of helping to get it out, the parent goes straight to medication. This delays proper treatment and the situation worsens.  To Find out more go to our Causes of Colic page.

What Is Colic

The term colic has come to be a sort of generic word for an “unhappy baby that cramps and cries”.
There are various causes of colic and it is often confused with other problems. Because  symptoms are similar and overlap, the baby is often inappropriately treated and suffers needlessly for months.

But a careful history can normally determine the cause and thus the best treatment.


Here are the 4 different Categories of Colic. Each needs it’s own type of treatment:


Stomach Colic

Babies often swallow gas when they feed, and not burping properly results in cramps and discomfort. This gas then passes through to the intestines causing bloating, straining, moaning, groaning and crying.
Our program teaches 6 highly effective dynamic burping techniques to provide quick relief from stomach colic.

Intestinal Colic

The next and most common cause of colic symptoms is an excessive amount of gas in the baby’s intestinal tract. It starts around 2-6 weeks as general fussiness and progresses through the 3 stages described above. Sadly, many parents rely only on medication and the syndrome persists for many months. On our training page, you'll find excellent techniques that are specifically designed to un-trap and mobilise intestinal gas.

Musculoskeletal Colic

Around 25% of colicky babies fall into this category which is not related to trapped gas or winds, but rather to muscular or skeletal tension and imbalance. Symptoms are often present from birth and there is a higher incidence in caesarean deliveries, traumatic births, etc.. Because they don’t get ‘stretched out’ while passing through the birth canal, they remain stiff and ‘contracted’. On our training page, you'll find stretch exercises and massage techniques that are specifically designed to relieve muscular colic.

Neurological Colic

This is the extreme or stage 3 form of colic. The hallmark is crying and cramping for many hours a day. They moan, groan, strain, cramp and cry until exhaustion takes them to a brief, disturbed sleep.
This type of colic is not well understood. It could be some sort of neurological overload, developmental issue or simply be a case of an overtired baby that has been over-medicated (experimented on with various remedies and medications).
It is critical to get help with the correct diagnosis and start treating the underlying cause. We highly recommend our online consultation process if you find yourself in this situation.

Read more about Diagnosing the Type of Colic on our Causes page.


How Does Help You?

We have have an extensive library of articles written on our site, that you are more than welcome to browse for free.
But if you need fast diagnostic and practical help from a Doctor who specializes in Colic, consider one of our membership levels.

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Some Very Relieved Mums and Bubs..

After trying Dr la Cock’s technique, Luke’s colic was markedly better, and all we needed to do was carry on with some very basic massage techniques, which you could hear working while doing it. The day he had his first session he was as relaxed as a big old snake baking in the sun! He slept for hours, even missing a feed!

...he was as relaxed as a big old snake baking in the sun!

Mia was crying inconsolably, and moaned all the time. She Arched her back a lot and refluxed after eating. We think the problem started because of an allergy to the formula she was on. After trying 4 different types we started with the Treat Colic Program. They helped fantastically and she was much better after 10 days.

...she was much better after 10 days.
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